NYSTS 2019 Spring Meeting

Dear Members,

On behalf of myself and the NYSTS Council I would like to thank everyone for coming to our spring meeting at Smith and Wollensky last evening. The cocktail hour was lively and everyone enjoyed the good food, drink and discussions about management of sub-solid lesions and of aortic stenosis in young patients. Thank you to Isaac George for and the Program Committee for organizing an intellectually stimulating evening. Both Isaac and Andrew Kaufman kept the controversy going and invited audience participation. Everyone agreed it was a great meeting, and we look forward to future meeting like this. Thank you to all of our discussants, and presenters, including Brian Houseman, Bob Cerfolio, Andrea Wolf, Antonio Polanco, Michael Argenziano, Arash Salemi, and Paul Stelzer for their time and expertise.

I am grateful for the help of the council last year. Gilbert Tang, Andrew Kaufman, Jenny Yu, Julissa Jurado, and Isaac George all went above and beyond to make this year a success. We had excellent turnouts and discussion at both meetings, and the residents truly appreciated the mock oral experience. Gene Grossi remains the wizard behind the curtain to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Please save the date for our Fall Meeting on November 4, 2019. Our guest speaker will be Eugene Blackstone MD

Finally I would like to introduce the 2019-2020 NYSTS Council

Gilbert Tang, President

Andrew Kaufman, Vice President

Jenny Yu, Treasurer

Isaac George, Secretary

I have no doubt that next year’s meetings will be even better. If you are interested in participating in the council, please email them nysts@nysts.org. I hope everyone has a great summer.

Frank Manetta